Sunday, August 24, 2014

Renal Stones/Calculi - Unani Herbal Remedies

Renal stones/calculi are also known as "Pathri" in Unani System because of their contour.  Stones are usually found in the kidneys, ureters or urinary bladder.


Food habits and hereditary factors are considered to be the causes.  Decreased water consumption, excessive intake of nonvegetarian food and alcohol may also encourage stone formation.  Patients with sedentary lifestyle are also prone to renal calculi.


The most prominent symptom of renal calculi is pain which gets aggravated with movement.  Pain originates from the back and radiates downwards and towards the front.  If the stone damages the kidney, ureters, bladder or the urethra, bleeding may occur and will appear in the urine.  Severe pain may be experienced if the stone gets impacted in the urinary tract.  There will be difficulty in passing urine.

According to Avicenna, the Arab physician, if there is pain felt in the inner aspects of the thighs and if the pain later subsides, then it may be considered that the stone has come down from the ureters or kidneys to the bladder.


1) Arom seeds or leaves (also known as ajwain or Trachyspermum ammi).
Regular use of the above prevents renal stone formation.  Daily intake of carom seed powder mixed with honey will break down and eliminate the renal stones.  Carom seeds are widely used in many Indian dishes.

2)  Holy basil (Tulsi) Juice 50ml with Honey 5 ml

Mixture of the above 2 ingredients to be taken daily for 3 months.  This will dissolve and eliminate the kidney stones.

3) Cumin (Cuminum cyminum/Sufaid Zeera) 1 gram,
   Kaknaj (Physalis alkekengi) 1 gram,
    Rock sugar (misri) 3 grams

The above 3 components to be finely poweredered and taken 3 times a day.  Helps in dissolving the stone and clearing the passage.

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