Saturday, September 24, 2011

Your Baby milk contains 1 lakh times more dirty bugs.

After finding fertilizer in majority of fruits and vegetables even the baby Milk that you get in the market may not be safe with a a study revealing that high levels of microbiological organisms and Coliform bacteria were present in packaged fullcream milk.

The study was conducted by Consumer Voice and 12 brands of milk — Amul, Mother Dairy, Reliance, Paras, Delhi Milk Scheme, Milkam, Vita, Aarey, Parag, Verka, Sanchi and Saras — were tested in an accredited laboratory. All the brands had total plate counts more than the permissible range.

Milkam’s milk was found to contain 66,000 times more total microbial count than the prescribed standards.

All brands also failed in the Coliform count. Vita’s milk had a count 1,100,000 times more than the allowed range. Only Mother Dairy’s milk had a count of 10 per gram which is the borderline while DMS’s milk had 15 counts per gram.

As per Food Safety and Standards Authority regulation, 2011, the maximum allowed total plate count — which indicates the presence of microorganisms — is 50,000 per gram of milk while Coliform count should be less than 10 per gram of milk.


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