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Unani cure for Kidney Disorders

Kidneys play an important role in our body. Different activities are performed by the kidneys. There are two kidneys in our body. They are in the shape of beans. They weigh approximately 150 -160 gm, they are made up of 25 lakh nephrons, which controls the function of the kidneys.
The food we take is digested and through many processes and elements mix with the blood. These elements give energy to our body. Some times in this process many unwanted elements also mix with the
blood. These unwanted elements are thrown out of the body with the help of urine. To keep the body healthy and disease free, one requires potassium, sugar, ammonia, protein, calcium, salt, soda bicarbonate, hydrogen, phosphorus and water. The main function of kidneys is to keep a check on these elements. If there is an imbalance in these elements then the body is affected by many diseases. The kidneys also keep a check on the acids, which leads to a serious problem such as mental imbalance. Kidneys play an important role in maintaining the balance.
Diseases of kidney
The symptoms of the kidney diseases that occur when a person becomes sick are:
•The tubes of the kidney become inactive, which causes swelling and albumin content increases in urine.
•Due to the swelling of the kidneys, blood pressure, blood urea and serum creatinine level increases.
•Kidneys are damaged due to which high blood pressure, serum creatinine blood urea, potassium and sodium ried out.
• There is mucus in the kidneys, which leads to swelling.
• The patient urinates a number of times, during nighttime also he has to urinate frequentry.
• In spite of taking a large quantity of water he is not able to pass urine.
• The patient feels pain and burning sensation while urinating.
• The patient complaints of blood in urine.
• Rashes appear on the skin.
• When the problem occurs in kidneys then swelling appears on the face. During morning hours his face has swelling.
• The patient loses his appetite. He has vomiting sensation.
Any two or three of the above symptoms are seen in the patient then he should be rushed to the hospital
immediately. Delay may cause problem. There are few diseases found in the kidneys, but here we shall discuss about two diseases.
1.Chronic pyelonephritis: In this disease the germs pass through urine, due to which the kidneys are affected. The patient urinates a lot, blood pressure in- creases. There is severe body pain. When the urea content increases in the blood then it is known as Uremia. In this process the patient has high fever. Some times the patient falls unconscious. This condition occurs because the urea content in the blood increases due to which the brain is affected. This is a serious problem.
2. Acute Pyelonephritis: there is a serious swelling in the kidney. Due to which the patient feels cold, he suffers from fever, back ache. Patient complains of severe stomachache as in case of appendicitis. In children the blood pressure increases and he gets shock.
In this disease the patient gets fever, vomiting, he passes urine without his knowledge and in children
the growth decreases. When the patient’s urine is collected and observed we find blood content. The examination shows Pus cells, RBC, WBC and bacteria in it. Protein is also seen in the urine. If the patient’s condition does not improve then his kidneys stop functioning. To save oneself from such diseases people in the age group of 35 – 55 years, should regularly check their blood pressure and diabetes.
• The patient should take precautions while taking food.
• If there is problem in urination then the patient should get sonography test.
• The patient should keep his stomach empty.
• The patient should take cucumber, carrot, bottle gourd, watermelon, and cabbage.
• The patient should avoid salt intake.
Unani  Formulations 

  • Sharbath e bazoori Barid 10 ml twice a day and Majoon falasafa 5 gm at night
  • Qurs kustha qulqi 2tab twice aday and shabathe kasini 1ounce  twice a day 


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