Monday, September 12, 2011

Medicated baths in Unani System of Medicine

Medicated baths are classified according to the type of water and may thus be nitrous, sulphurous, sea water alkaline or saline. Such baths may be artificial, natural or medicated by boiling alum, laurel or stavesacre in water. Bath of this type are liquefying and resolving and thus useful in oedema and dropsy. They help to reduce discharge from wounds and beneficial for those suffering from guinea worm. Waters containing copper, iron or salt useful in cold and moist diseases such as rheumatism, gout, paralysis, asthma and diseases of kidneys. These baths also help to strengthen the callus of fractured bones and benefits boils and carbuncles.
Waters containing copper are good for stomatitis, relaxed throat, ophthalmia and discharging ears. Water which contains iron is excellent for the stomach and spleen and that which contains salt or nitre benefits those predisposed to disease of brain and lungs and those suffering from gastric catarrah, ascites and distension.
 Bath of aluminous waters or water containg alum benefit haemoptysis, bleeding piles, menorrhagea, prolapse of anus and uterus, repeated miscarriages of obscure origin, excessive sweating and puffiness. Baths which contain sulphur sooth the nerves and relieve painful spasmodic and convulsive conditions. Sulphur baths ringworm, vitiligo and leprosy. Sulphur bath also resolve swellings of joints, liver and spleen and ar beneficial in cases where the uterus is hard. Such baths, make the stomach flabby impair appetite, Bathing in bituminous water produces heaviness of head. Hence the head should not be submerged in it. After some time bituminous water produces heat in the body especially in organs such as uterus, bladder and colon.

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