Saturday, September 17, 2011

Convulsion and Unani Management

It is difficult to say what is the exact cause of convulsions. In most children aged between one and three years, convulsions are often linked to the development of a high fever. The child's nervous system is immature and often cannot handle a high temperature the same way that an adult does. Thus, sometimes, the fever stimulates the nerves controlling the muscles and these, in turn, contract violently. Remember that febrile convulsions are not as frightening as they look.
Convulsions due to fever usually only last a minute or two. When your child has a fit, she will probably lose consciousness and begin to twitch uncontrollably. She will clamp her jaws shut tightly and breathe heavily. Her eyes will roll back into her head and she will froth at the mouth. She may even become incontinent. Children usually fall asleep after the convulsions have passed.
As the body temperature controls of very small children are not fully developed, they are the ones who are prone to frequent fevers.
Occurrence of fits as a result of high fever is a common phenomenon with children. These fits are known as febrile convulsions.
These fits or seizures occur in a child with high fever of over 102.2°F (39°C). These febrile convulsions generally occur at an early stage of other infections like viral infections, respiratory infections, etc where the fever rises rapidly.
Though febrile convulsion affects about 1 out of 20 children in the age group of one to four years, it rarely takes a serious turn.
Unani Treatment:( adult dose)

  • 1. Ustookhudoos 6 gm make powder and mix in Itrifal sageer 10 gm. 

    daily two times use.
  • 2. Decoction Unnab 5 in number, Gul banafsa 7 gm, Tukhm Kasini 3 gm, Sapistan 10 in numb boil in Arq maqo 120 ml and after that mix in Lu'aab isabgol 10 ml, sharbat banafsa 20 ml. dose is two time.
  • 3. Itrifal ustookhudoos 10 gm with Arq Gau zaban 120 ml, sharbat Ustookhudoos 20 ml two times.
  • 4. Jawarish Bisbasa 7 gm with Arq Baadyan 50 ml, Arq Podina 50 ml two times before meal.
  • 5. Ayyariz fiqra 7 gm  and Our Mulayyan 2 tabat bed time.
  • 6. Rogan Banafsa or Rogan Neelofar or Rogan Kaddo sheerin for local application.
  • 7. Khameera Gau zaban Ambari jawahar wala 5 gm with Arq Baadyan.
  • 8. Majoon Uood saleeb 5 gm and Habbe Sara 2 Pills Twice aday
  • 9. Majoon sara 5 gm and  kustha Momiyayi 3 gm at night

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