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Benefits of Unani Medicine

Once upon a time, the Unani mode of treatment was the privilege of the kings, queens, who would patronize it. Post the British era which curbed any form of medical systems apart from allopathic medicine, there was a sharp decline in the acceptance of this traditional form of treatment. However, recent researches that have revived the Unani medicine have pinpointed its various benefits some of which are listed below…

•    Unani medicine is unparalleled when treating chronic diseases as asthma, arthritis, cardiac disorder, mental disorder, urinal infection and digestive disorder. 

•    Modern researches have also established the fact that Unani medicines are very effective for the treatment of skin diseases which include leukoderma.

•    Unani medicines claim that they can also cure AIDS. It is believed that certain drugs increase the immunity level of the AIDS patients. The increased immunity system, in turn, helps the patients put a brave face against the fatal disease. However experts of western medicine doubt this claim. 

•    According to modern researches, Unani physicians have achieved wonderful results in the treatment of cerebral palsy. Hakim Usama Akram has reported that he led a research among the children afflicted with cerebral palsy and the treatment showed encouraging results. Hakim Akram further informed that at the end of the experiment, the affected children started showing significant improvement in their cognitive levels.

•    Treatment history of Unani system indicates that it is quite capable of curing ziabetus or diabetes completely if treated in the early stage of the disease.

•    However, the most laudable achievement of the Unani mode of treatment is its effectiveness in treating any kind of sexual disorder. In fact, the efficacy of Unani medicines for the treatment of sexual disorder stays unrivalled. According to Hakim Jameel, Unani medicines have effective and permanent cure for any sexual ailment. 

•    It is also helpful in treating the sterile condition in women quite easily. This mode of treatment offers medicines for improving sexual potency and general health. Unlike Viagra and many of its Indian variants, these medicines for the correction of sexual disorders are free of any harmful substance.

•    Unani medicines can also cure acute conditions such as acidity, indigestion, flatulence, dysentery, diarrhea, bronchitis, coryza and catarrh, abdominal pain, urticaria and several other ailments. 

Misconception about Unani medicine

There are certain misconceptions among people about Unani medicines. Many people believe that Unani mode of treatment is only effective in the case of chronic diseases. This concept is absolutely baseless. The experts of Unani medicine assert that it can cure all types of diseases either chronic or acute. They also point our that Unani medicines are administered locally or orally; so they are similar in effectiveness with allopathic medicines as both pass from the same route. There are instances that Unani treatment has effectively treated such diseases like arthritis, asthma, hepatitis and sinusitis which had become chronic during prolonged allopathic treatment


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