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Treatment of Arthritis through Unani Medicine

Arthritis  is an ailment, which occurs in almost all the joints of the body. In the beginning the patient suffers from fever. Within 24 hours there is gripping pain in the joints and continues to increase. Slowly the patient develops swelling in the joints and sometimes the pain is so severe that the patient cries in pain even with the touch of the cloth.  This problem is more in women, it is also seen in men in the age group of 30-50 years.
When the quantity of uric acid increases in the body this ailment occurs. Usually people who are overweight suffer from this problem, because they have vayu or windy element in the body and it is the main cause for this problem. It requires immediate treatment otherwise the joints become stiff and the body will not be in a position to move. You have Unani method of treatment for this problem, it is as follows :–


Farfiyun – 3 gm, junde bedastar – 1gm, soranjan-6gm, javasheer – 3gm, soranjan sheere- 5 gm, chirayata – 7gms, afteemoon- 5gm, grapes (annab) – 7 in number. Baadyaan – 5 gm, boil all the things at night and consume it in the morning with Gulkand, eat till the problem does not get cured completely.


Try to prevent cold and constipation, eat easily digestible food, and avoid liquor and non –vegetarian food.


There is pain in joints of legs, hands and thumbs. It starts with cold fever and sometimes there is pain in the neck, or thumb or even ankle. The patient experiences swelling of the joint along with pain and reddishness. This is also a hereditary disease. It is more in men then in women in age group of 30 - 40. Due to this the patient becomes irritable, suffers from sleeplessness and gets giddiness. Treatment in the initial stage is important because pain increases with the age. This pain is more in the night than in the day
time. The patient loses appetite and becomes week. The problem is aggravated  if the patient consumes liquor, indulges in sex, and gets drenched when he gets hurt in joints. There is Unani treatment for this


Farfiyun – 3gm, Jundebedastar – 1 gm, Soranjan – 1gm, Javanshir – 3gm.
Mix these ingredients in rose water and apply the paste. 
Dry ginger, shahjeera, kist talakh, soranjan talakh, gule ank, sukhe makre, henna leaves should be taken in 6 gm. Measure all the ingredients and grind it with pure vinegar and add rose oil and apply on the joint when pain occurs.
Rogan Surkh 2ml can be apply on the part


Soranjan sheere  - 5 gm, Chirayata - 7gm, Afteemoon - 5gm, Grapes - 5 in number, Aniseeds – 7 gm, seeds of aniseeds – 7 gm. Soak all these ingredients in the night and in the morning clean them thoroughly and sieve, add 12 gm of Gulkand and eat it. Eat this medicine for 30 days.
Habbe suranjan 2pills twice a day
Halwa e geegwar 5gm at bed time
Habbe yograj gugul 2 pills thrice a day


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