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Chorea and Unani remedy

The phrase \”chorea\” arrives from your Greek phrase for dance. The jerky movements from the feet or fingers in many cases are very similar to dancing or piano enjoying. When chorea is extreme, the movements may possibly trigger movement from the arms or legs that outcomes in throwing whichever is while in the hand or falling to your ground. strolling may possibly come to be weird, with inserted extreme postures and leg movements. in contrast to parkinsonism, which i Meningitis and Unani remedy  

Meningitis can be a viral.It’s implies the trigger is infection that has a virus. Bacterial meningitis is very uncommon nevertheless it may be extremely significant and requirements urgent remedy with antibiotics.It can be a irritation from the membranes bordering the brain and spinal cord termed the meninges. it’s seldom takes place when an infection while in the physique spreads as a result of the blood and in to the cerebrospinal fluid. Mania and Unani remedy An abnormally elevated mood state characterized by this kind of indicators as inappropriate elation, elevated irritability, extreme insomnia, grandiose notions, elevated pace and/or volume of speech, disconnected and racing thoughts, elevated sexual motivation, markedly elevated electricity and exercise stage, bad judgment, and inappropriate social behavior. A gentle sort in mania that will not demand hospitalization is termed hypomania. Paraplegia and Unani remedy Injuries in the thoracic stage and under end result in paraplegia, using the fingers not impacted. At T-1 to T-8 there exists most normally handle from the fingers, but bad trunk handle because the end result of absence of abdominal muscle handle. decrease T-injuries (T-9 to T-12) permit excellent truck handle and excellent abdominal muscle handle. Sitting stability is extremely excellent. Lumbar and Sacral injuries yield reducing handle from the hip flexors and legs.Ballism can be a violent flinging of a single or additional limbs out from your physique. Choreoathetosis could be the most typical sort in youngsters. These issues may possibly influence the fingers, feet, trunk, neck, and deal with. while in the deal with, they normally cause nose wrinkling, continual flitting eye movements, and mouth or tongue movements. These issues may possibly be distinguished from tics, as tics are inclined to repeat the identical set of movements. additionally, the youngster normally describes a \”34 -up\” while in the require to create the tic, that has a perception of release afterwards. there exists no this kind of perception of release adhering to chorea; the movements are continuously transforming and flowing from a single physique piece to an additional. gentle chorea may possibly be complicated to distinguish from ordinary restlessness. for that reason, it\’s essential to evaluate regardless of whether the movements are controllable through the youngster and regardless of whether these movements are sustained or arise only while in the doctor\’s workplace. it\’s essential to note which elements from the physique are concerned. The pace and dimension from the movements establish regardless of whether it is most appropriately termed chorea, athetosis, choreoathetosis, or ballism. For sensible functions, the distinction is usually complicated to make; this distinction is not really typically useful in diagnosis and remedy. The impact of purposeful movements, this kind of as reaching, talking, or strolling, ought to be assessed. Dystonia may possibly trigger extreme and apparently random movements. These movements tend to be worsened with intentional, tried movements and increase once the youngster is at relaxation. there exists no picture of restlessness, while, in a few situations of chorea, the indicators may possibly look for being very similar. Ataxia may possibly cause an abnormal gait, with added movements wanted to compensate; on the other hand, the movements vanish once the youngster is steadied or seated.

Unani Treatment

  • Maul Asl (honey and water with1:4 ratio)can be taken for 7 days
  •  Massage locally from Roghan Darchini or Roghan Qartam or Roghan Malkangni or Roghan Tarpeeen
  • Munzij - Mushil treatment Can be Taken
  • Majoon Falasfa or Majoon Azaraqi or Majoon Jograj Guggul 10 gm at bed time
  • Habbe Kuchla or Hab Sammulfar two tab with butter.
  • Aaqaqarha, Jund baid satter, Shetranj hindi, bazrulbanj each and every 10gm, Shaham hanzal 15 gm, ayyariz fiqra 10 gm. put together powder and use 6gm with Arq Gau zaban  100 ml regular two periods.

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